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Diagnosing Your Hearing Loss & Providing You with Treatment

At our Fall River, MA hearing center, Duncan Hearing Healthcare, we provide individuals throughout the South Shore of Massachusetts with diagnostic testing and expert recommendations for treatment. Our goal is to provide our patients with the information they need so they can get started on improving their hearing. If you receiving testing and find out you do have a hearing problem, we can provide you with a hearing aid trial!

Our hearing health services include:

  • Hearing evaluations – We perform various types of hearing diagnostics tests to help our patients understand their hearing loss and their options for treatment. Make sure you schedule a test if you are having any type of problem with your hearing!
  • Tinnitus Assessments– Tinnitus is a condition that causes ringing noises or similar types of sensations in the ear. If you come to our center, we can help diagnosis the problem and also provide information on what you should do to help improve your hearing.
  • Dizziness and balance testing – Dizziness, visual blurriness, and spatial disorientation may all be symptoms indicating a balance disorder. We can perform a variety of tests to figure out what type of balance disorder you may have. We can also help you figure out a way to treat your disorder!

Comprehensive Hearing Evaluations

  • Tinnitus Assesments
  • Balance and Dizziness Testing
  • Hearing aid fittings and follow-up care
  • Fitting verification with speech mapping and electroacoustic analysis of hearing instruments
  • Pediatric hearing aid fittings and follow-up care
  • Hearing aid repairs of all makes
  • Custom ear molds
  • Custom swim and sleep plugs
  • Custom musician's plugs and recreational hearing protection
  • Hearing aid accessories
  • Wireless assistive listening devices

In addition to the services above, we also offer hearing aid sales (and sales of other hearing devices), speech mapping, hearing aid cleaning, and hearing aid repair services. Don’t hesitate to schedule a visit at our hearing center!

Excellent Care from a Skilled Audiologist

Our audiologist, Dr. Nancy Duncan, has received a Paul Harris Fellow Award for Rotary International. She is also a member of Tinnitus Practitioner Association. She works with a team of highly trained and qualified professionals at our hearing center. If you choose Duncan Hearing Healthcare, you will be in the hands of trustworthy audiology professionals who will provide you with exceptional care.

Call us today at 508-674-3334 to learn more about the hearing services we offer!

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  • We Believe an Educated Patient is a Satisfied Patient
  • Our Experience Gives You Confidence to Take the First Steps toward Better Hearing
  • Comprehensive Testing Ensures We Understand Your Unique Level of Hearing Loss
  • State of the Art Hearing Aids Mean You Can Optimize Your Ability to Hear
  • Exact Fittings and Programming Guarantee Your Satisfaction
  • Exceptional Follow-Up Care Gives You Ongoing, Personalized Customer Service